Craig Snazelle, Bass

Craig SnazelleCraig Snazelle's jazz education includes lessons/study with SF Bay Area bassist Chuck Sher, (John Hendricks), Los Angeles bassist and former Portlander Jamie Faunt (Chick Corea, John Klemmer), and since moving to Oregon, with bassists Glen Moore (Oregon), Tom Wakeling and Larry Zgonc, (Principal Bass, Portland Opera Company). Notable Portland players Craig has worked with include; Pianists Gordon Lee, Bill Beach, Phil Goldberg, and George Mitchell. Singers Shirley Nannette, Karla Harris, and Victoria Corrigan. Saxophonists Bob Hernandez, Lee Wuthenow, and Pete Peterson. He has performed locally at the Portland Jazz Festival, Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, Newport Coast Jazz Festival, and Cathedral Park Jazz Festival.

About the Band

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After Six combines the musical talents of some of the finest jazz musicians in the Northwest. After Six as been entertaining the region with the music of Ellington, Gershwin, Arlen, Mercer, Rogers, Hefti and many other jazz and blues luminaries for 25 years. Our band members exhibit extraordinary improvisational musicianship at both public and private venues.

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